General Baseball Techniques

Overall, play is defining techniques and strategies and being able to implement them on field, taking advantage of the team's strengths and the opponent's weaknesses. At the same time, a pre-defined technique may not work since actual conditions at play may vary and each player has to be able to think quickly and react in the best possible manner that will gain his team, whether batting or fielding, a better score. Each member of the team is important and has to perform. Since there is no time limitation on the play, there is no pressure on the players to meet a deadline. Pitchers can take their time making a throw. The fielding side has to get all batters of the batting side out in order to win while the batting side concentrates on scoring the maximum possible runs.

What makes the game even more interesting is that no two playing fields are exactly alike. Beyond the size of the infield, which is regulated, the outfield may vary from one ground to the other, influencing the double, triple and home park runs and, to some extent, the outcome of the game.

Playing conditions, the weather and altitude also influence the game and there can be surprise upsets in such cases. Some playing fields acquire a reputation for being favorable to the pitcher or to the batter. The direction and strength of wind on the day of play can also affect pitchers, fielders and batters, testing their skills.



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