Baseball Equipment

Baseball is a simple game, requiring minimum equipment. A few years back time players did not wear any protective gear, specifications of the bat and the ball varied and there were no fixed rules for the equipment, the uniform or even the ground. Today, baseball has evolved and MLB has fixed definitive standards for each item used in the game to standardize the play.

The main tools are the ball, the bat and the glove (mitt). Participating players wear unique uniforms identifying them as players belonging to one team. Then there are the bases usually comprising bags filled with soft sand. The home plate is made of rubber. Though simple enough in appearance, the bat and the ball, crucial equipment, are carefully and precisely made to deliver the best performance, light weight with strict use of choice materials and methods of construction.


Other baseball equipment

Catchers also wear an athletic cup to protect their groin area. Other fielders may also wear this protection. Some players use a jockstrap as protection. Female players wear a pelvic protector. Each team has to wear a uniquely identifiable uniform comprising the shirt and pants and this applies also to the coach and managers. The uniform carries the team's nickname and the number. Players wear s...


The Right Baseball Equipment Improves the Game

While street players and children across the country can enjoy the fun of baseball using just any bat and ball, playing at professional levels calls for the perfect equipment made to specifications from the right materials in the correct way. It is not surprising, therefore, that players at the league levels or even the junior teams, use only standard, approved, regulation equipment for practice...


Main Baseball Equipment

Specifications for the ball are that it should be 9 inches in circumference with a rubber or cork center, with yarn wound around it and covered in white cowhide stitched with red thread. The weight is 5 to 5.25 ounces. Two peanut shaped pieces are stitched together as a cover, using exactly 108 stitches. At one time only one ball was used throughout the game but today several balls are used. The...


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