Main Baseball Equipment

Specifications for the ball are that it should be 9 inches in circumference with a rubber or cork center, with yarn wound around it and covered in white cowhide stitched with red thread. The weight is 5 to 5.25 ounces. Two peanut shaped pieces are stitched together as a cover, using exactly 108 stitches. At one time only one ball was used throughout the game but today several balls are used.

The bat used in professional games is made of one single wooden piece. It has a diameter of 2.5 inches at the hitting end and tapers to a handle with a knob at the other end. The handle part of the bat is thin enough to permit the hitter to grip it easily. The bats are made from seasoned woods and are precisely carved to permit easy swing and power. Lengths range between 34 and 42 inches. Bats are usually made of white ash as these absorb shocks best. Maple and bamboo are used sometimes. Amateur leagues permit use of aluminum bats. The fielding side uses glove or mitts made of leather with padding and webbing between the fingers

Batters use regulation protective helmets to protect against hits by the ball that can come at speeds of 80 mph. Such helmets may have ear flaps for additional protection. Helmets cover front, top and back portion of the head and the ear flap may cover one or both ears. The catcher too has to wear a helmet.



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