Baseball Techniques

Each team is made up of individual hitters, fielders and pitchers. The coach knows the intrinsic strengths and weakness of his players. In addition, he also studies and analyzes the opponents team. Using this information, he comes up with a game play technique and plan that will help the team forge a win.

Right-handed batters hit more runs when left handed pitchers are throwing the ball at them and vice versa and this is one technique used to the full throughout the game. Baseball today is as much about individual skills and performance on the field as it is about dressing room techniques and strategy, much like war room scenarios where the tactical strengths and weaknesses of opponents are carefully measured. The coach turns into a general and uses his army to gain a win, knowing that the opponent coach is also working along the same lines.


Fielding Techniques

The pitchers are the key to success in baseball games and their pitch selection plays a crucial role. Pitchers can throw a fastball, a changeup, a curveball and a slider. The catcher works in tandem with the pitcher, giving him clues on the pitch to throw and the pitcher may or may not follow the catcher's lead. If a runner is on base, the pitcher may throw to a fielder covering that base in...


General Baseball Techniques

Overall, play is defining techniques and strategies and being able to implement them on field, taking advantage of the team's strengths and the opponent's weaknesses. At the same time, a pre-defined technique may not work since actual conditions at play may vary and each player has to be able to think quickly and react in the best possible manner that will gain his team, whether batting or field...


Batting Techniques

A batter waits at the home plate with a bat poised and ready for the pitcher to throw the ball. He tries to hit the ball and if it misses, the catcher, standing behind him catches it and returns it to the pitcher. If the batter hits the ball, he drops his bat, runs towards the first base, and is now known as a runner or a batter-runner. Batters use different tactics such as a hit and run. One te...


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