Other baseball equipment

Catchers also wear an athletic cup to protect their groin area. Other fielders may also wear this protection. Some players use a jockstrap as protection. Female players wear a pelvic protector.

Each team has to wear a uniquely identifiable uniform comprising the shirt and pants and this applies also to the coach and managers. The uniform carries the team's nickname and the number.

Players wear sliding shorts to protect their thighs from abrasion when they slide into a base. Players commonly wear shin guards for additional protection since this area is prone to injury and it can be painful.

Players also wear a baseball cap to shade their eyes against the sun. The cap and uniform have a similar color and design pattern.

Pitching machines are used for practice sessions, throwing balls at the hitter to help him perfect his batting. It may be a manual type machine or an automatic machine pitching a baseball at different speeds and styles.

While warming up players typically use a baseball doughnut fitted at the end of a baseball bat. In actual play, the ring shaped doughnut is taken off, giving the impression that the bat is lighter and helping the hitter swing hard.

Players wear baseball cleats to help them have better traction while running and prevent skidding and slipping. The cleats are made of metal or rubber.

For practice sessions, there is the batting cage, an enclosed area surrounded by wire netting. These are used in conjunction with pitching machines and it is easy to retrieve balls from within the cage.



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